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  • xieying sound - absorbing

    Strong, tasteless, waterproof, moisture-proof, good ventilation, easy processing, can be made into various shapes according to different needs Long life

    Common sound-absorbing

    Ensuring quality, the smell, appearance is not beautiful, but it is not easy processing, easy to damage.

  • xieying Insulation cotton

    Noise, heat insulation, anti-resonance, to prevent the paint temperature discoloration. The putty, which is absorbed by the fans, can be periodically wiped.

    common Insulation cotton

    Sound insulation, heat insulation effect is not obvious, easy to change color. Absorption of dirt, not easy to clean.

  • xieying Fire cotton

    Can be freely selected soft, hardness, with a good pull, good elasticity, light weight, soft, comfortable, easy to wash type change, warm and strong, fire performance and strong.

    common Fire cotton

    Easy to deformation damage, poor warmth, fire performance in general. Products can not be natural decomposition, likely to cause environmental pollution.

Dongguan xieying new material co., LTD

Dongguan xieying new material co., LTDIs a collection of r &d, production and sales of various fiber products of the enterprise. Products with high quality, high value-added, high differences into a research and development direction, various series products Reach British BS5852, American CA133 / TB117 fire retardant standards...

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